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Buddha Brothers Cigars is a private club located in North Scottsdale, Arizona, and is operated entirely by a small group of volunteer owners who were once regular customers of the retail cigar shop which previously occupied the space. It had come to represent a place for good friends to relax, talk shop, and have a laugh while enjoying a good cigar and a drink. When the retail shop went out of business in June 2009, the friends came together to form Buddha Brothers Cigars as a private club, where the camaraderie could continue.

Today, members (mostly veterans) volunteer their time to run and manage the club, its retail space, membership and events. Profits are donated to non-profit disabled veteran’s organizations.

Buddha Brothers

10428 E. Jomax Rd., STE 105
Scottsdale, AZ 85262

Contact us

(480) 563-3734 Local
(877) 924-4279 Toll Free

For Membership & Sales call Tony Maggiore, President
(602) 885-2923